Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival

Audiovisuals are today one of the main modes of communication.

The Festivals will certainly be the best way to get to know the best that is done in the World and to distinguish the best directors, producers, writers, but also to encourage young people who bet on innovation and new ways of creating.

Today more accessible to all, drones are increasingly a tool available to give us a view (also more economical) of places and perspectives hitherto difficult and sometimes impossible to obtain.

Many are the movies that today use the drones to obtain a more cinematographic language and from the simplest commercials until the great cinematographic productions, the Drones are present.

The Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival born in 2012 recognizing this form of creativity, came to create the category of DRONE logo in its 2nd edition.

Today we received fantastic films that have greatly improved the participation and recognition of the Festival for the World, now on the way to the 7th Edition we received films from 60 Countries

This partnership with the NYS Fair Drone Film Festival will certainly add value to both Festivals. A connection to the two continents that we hope will give more and more and better films for all.

Carlos Sargedas


President Arrábida Film Commission (Portugal) Member Europen Film Commissions

Director Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival (Portugal)

Member of Academy Cinema (Portugal)

Director & Producer