ABOUT The Festival

About The Festival


To help educate the public about the many positive and beneficial ways drones are being used to better society and capture the panoramic beauty of our planet.



The Drone Films Fest is a group of drone and film enthusiasts dedicated to working

with filmmakers and a broad cross-section of individuals/companies involved with drones

throughout Central New York (CNY) and the world. New York State is a global leader in research, development and testing of drones. Crucial components of this are taking place throughout CNY. We work with the NYS FAIR and others to spotlight the amazing talent and work being done. 


Our organization works with a variety of organizations, businesses and individuals. We help connect interested people and companies to the important work being done throughout CNY and NYS.





- The Drone Films Fest will work with the NYS Fair to stage an annual drone film festival

and support other drone related exhibits at the NYS Fair.

- The Drone Films Fest is dedicated to educating audiences and empowering filmmakers

and companies around the world to tell their stories with the use of drones.


- Stage drone and film making related workshops and events.

- Promote STEAM Education - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics


- Work with individuals and organizations worldwide to promote drone research, testing, education and safety.

New. Exciting. Worldwide!

New. Exciting. Worldwide!