2018 NYS Fair Drone Film Festival

Thank you to all the many filmmakers, sponsors, attendees, drone enthusiasts and fans who made the 2018 such a great festival!

And the winners are:

BEST IN SHOW Sponsored by DJI:
Kingdom of the Wild by Mike Bishop

NYS DRONES: Films created completely in New York State

GOLD:       Upstate New York by Air - by Demetri Andritsakis
SILVER:      Adirondacks from the Air - by Blaze Nowara
BRONZE:  Erie County Fair - by Willard Schulmeister

NARRATIVE: A fiction or non-fiction story told using a drone in whole or part

GOLD:                               Reino de Navarra - by Txema Ortiz

SILVER:                              What’s the poop on manure lagoons? See how they work,why farmers need them - by Lauren Long

BRONZE:                          Sri Lankan Adventure - by Jesse Gamar

HONORARY MENTION: Super Secret Summer Days - by Caitlin Clonan


LANDSCAPE & ARCHITECTURE: Amazing, beautiful scenes shot using drones

GOLD:                                My Alaska - by Mike Criss
SILVER:                               Blown away by the Air - by Arvids Baranovs
BRONZE:                           Dolomiti - Aerial Views of the Italian Dolomites in 4K - by Aerial Altitude
HONORARY MENTION:  La iles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands), Canada - by Uladzimir Taukachou

SHOWREEL: A compilation of clips from various drone-shot videos. Show off your best

GOLD:                                Kingdom Of The Wild - by Mike Bishop
SILVER:                               Be Part Of The Adventure - by Hop Media 2017 Reel - by Christophe Brizard
BRONZE:                           My trip around the World - by Shotaro Inoue
HONORARY MENTION: Showreel 2018 airV8 -  by Holger Hirsch

SPORTS:  Athletic activity, events and competition shot using drones

GOLD:      A Drone Pro Academy Meetup - by Highpoint Aerial
SILVER:     Big Mountain - Skinny Skis - by Everett Sapp
BRONZE: Special Olympics - Badges on the Border Torch Run -  by Highpoint Aerial

NEWS: Films highlight how drones are being used to capture news stories and events taking place around the globe

GOLD:      Beauty & Bounty - by Doug Armknecht
SILVER:     USPS Postman delivers mail right after fires - by Douglas Thron
BRONZE:  Powerful Drone Footage - by Roger Rosenbaum


CORPORATE/INDUSTRIAL/BUSINESS: Films that feature drones and the amazing work they are doing in a variety of fields. How is your business/company using drones?

GOLD:                               Aerial Assets: Drones in Law Enforcement - by Kristen Carton
SILVER:                              AT&T - When COWs Fly and Hurricane Maria (two-part film) - by AT&T, Kevin Hanna
BRONZE:                          SkyTubelive - by Brian Barris
HONORARY MENTION: GENIUS NY 2.0 - Impacting a Community - by GENIUS NY, Kara Aheim-Jones

STUDENT: Films created by an enrolled high school or college student, on any subject. Students may also submit to any other category if they want

GOLD:      Faroe Islands - The hidden islands - by Matthias Wissink, Robin Baker and RCMotions
SILVER:     Glass Skating - by Everett Sapp
BRONZE: Serenity - by Jordan Finnerty

PHOTOGRAPHY: Still aerial photos taken with drones

GOLD:      Drone Photos - (Cars) by Bob Gates
SILVER:     Photos By Meem - Landscape - (Lighthouse) by Demetri Andritsakis
BRONZE: Moon over the Mario- (Bridge) by Roger Rosenbaum

2018 Show Reel Part 1

2018 Show Reel Part 2

2019  Drone Films Fest

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