2018 NYS Fair Drone Film Festival

2018 NYS Fair Drone Film Festival Poster

Thank you to all the many filmmakers, sponsors, attendees, drone enthusiasts and fans who made the 2018 such a great festival!

And the winners are:

BEST IN SHOW Sponsored by DJI:
Kingdom of the Wild by Mike Bishop

NYS DRONES: Films created completely in New York State

GOLD:       Upstate New York by Air - by Demetri Andritsakis
SILVER:      Adirondacks from the Air - by Blaze Nowara
BRONZE:  Erie County Fair - by Willard Schulmeister

NARRATIVE: A fiction or non-fiction story told using a drone in whole or part

GOLD:                               Reino de Navarra - by Txema Ortiz

SILVER:                              What’s the poop on manure lagoons? See how they work,why farmers need them - by Lauren Long

BRONZE:                          Sri Lankan Adventure - by Jesse Gamar

HONORARY MENTION: Super Secret Summer Days - by Caitlin Clonan


LANDSCAPE & ARCHITECTURE: Amazing, beautiful scenes shot using drones

GOLD:                                My Alaska - by Mike Criss
SILVER:                               Blown away by the Air - by Arvids Baranovs
BRONZE:                           Dolomiti - Aerial Views of the Italian Dolomites in 4K - by Aerial Altitude
HONORARY MENTION:  La iles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands), Canada - by Uladzimir Taukachou

SHOWREEL: A compilation of clips from various drone-shot videos. Show off your best

GOLD:                                Kingdom Of The Wild - by Mike Bishop
SILVER:                               Be Part Of The Adventure - by Hop Media 2017 Reel - by Christophe Brizard
BRONZE:                           My trip around the World - by Shotaro Inoue
HONORARY MENTION: Showreel 2018 airV8 -  by Holger Hirsch

SPORTS:  Athletic activity, events and competition shot using drones

GOLD:      A Drone Pro Academy Meetup - by Highpoint Aerial
SILVER:     Big Mountain - Skinny Skis - by Everett Sapp
BRONZE: Special Olympics - Badges on the Border Torch Run -  by Highpoint Aerial

NEWS: Films highlight how drones are being used to capture news stories and events taking place around the globe

GOLD:      Beauty & Bounty - by Doug Armknecht
SILVER:     USPS Postman delivers mail right after fires - by Douglas Thron
BRONZE:  Powerful Drone Footage - by Roger Rosenbaum


CORPORATE/INDUSTRIAL/BUSINESS: Films that feature drones and the amazing work they are doing in a variety of fields. How is your business/company using drones?

GOLD:                               Aerial Assets: Drones in Law Enforcement - by Kristen Carton
SILVER:                              AT&T - When COWs Fly and Hurricane Maria (two-part film) - by AT&T, Kevin Hanna
BRONZE:                          SkyTubelive - by Brian Barris
HONORARY MENTION: GENIUS NY 2.0 - Impacting a Community - by GENIUS NY, Kara Aheim-Jones

STUDENT: Films created by an enrolled high school or college student, on any subject. Students may also submit to any other category if they want

GOLD:      Faroe Islands - The hidden islands - by Matthias Wissink, Robin Baker and RCMotions
SILVER:     Glass Skating - by Everett Sapp
BRONZE: Serenity - by Jordan Finnerty

PHOTOGRAPHY: Still aerial photos taken with drones

GOLD:      Drone Photos - (Cars) by Bob Gates
SILVER:     Photos By Meem - Landscape - (Lighthouse) by Demetri Andritsakis
BRONZE: Moon over the Mario- (Bridge) by Roger Rosenbaum

2018 Show Reel Part 1

2018 Show Reel Part 2